“Taking How To Architect’s online course with Doug Patt has been the most rewarding decision I’ve made all summer! Being a second year architecture student, Doug helped me to refocus on what design really is, and broke it down into terms that even a non-college student can understand. Everything I’ve learned from this course has become a new foundation for me to grow and develop on. I definitely recommend this class to any age group with any amount of design experience. Thanks Doug Patt!”

“Some of the things I greatly appreciated:  Your scholarly approach and knowledgeable ability to intelligently discuss both your work and the work of great architects in the past; being introduced to great architectural works; your amazing responsive-ness and willingness to field all of my questions; being introduced to the physical tools of the trade and the design methodology; and your stories and your real world experience.”

“I can’t say enough good things about your course.  I completely appreciate the difficulty of trying to teach something as abstract and personal as design.I found the class very influential – I will be using your design methodology in all of my work from now on.  It’s already inspired me to some of my best innovations yet, and it was much easier than just beating my head on the wall hoping ideas would fall out.”


“Thanks truly goes to you for all you do for the architectural profession and those of us the hope to improve our skill set, knowledge and appreciation for the craft.”

“I want to thank you for the outstanding classes you have presented to us. You have a way of bring life to the subject that I have not seen in other teachers.”

“The course was great. I really like the design framework/model you put forward that can be applied to many things – this is worth the price of admission.”


“I’m a big fan of all of the posted content, especially the architectural drawing videos!”

“Most importantly I thank you for who you are and your love and passion for your craft. I tell my kids the worst thing you can do is get up and go to work for the rest of your life, get up and do something you love and have a passion for and you will be happy most of your life.”

“hmmm. $40,000 a year for tenured teachers that don’t teach or Doug’s course on design where you’ll probably learn more in 1 month than 5yrs of design studio. Goodbye paradigm.”


“I wish I had done this before I started college!”

“I have to say that it was inspiring to be with you the last weekends, really great. Please don’t stop what you’re doing, this classes are fantastic!”

“Just watched the “Time Management” video, it is the most important one you have made for young people.”


“I had Doug Patt as an instructor and I gotta say he’s honestly one of the best instructors I have ever had.”

“You sir, are seriously my hero.”

“Doug Patt = Tony Robbins of architecture.”


“Thank you very much for showing me the awesome part of achitecture again. I was losing faith with all the negative things people say about architects, but you show the real passion the reason why we study architecture becuase its not for the money or the fame its the passion.”

“This is a sincere thanks from my side. You have been a mentor and teacher to me. Keep up the good work.”

“I just wanted to show my appreciation for your work here… It’s just what I needed to give me a good push into an architectural major.”


“I am a BA Architectural Studies grad currently pursuing graduate studies in Project Management and potentially enrolling in a M.Arch prof. degree program. You have taught me that Architecture really includes the enthusiasm and that enjoying this passion as you learn throughout life is fulfilling. You are truly a teacher and possess abundant talents. All the best, as you continue to inspire.”

“I would like to send a million thanks your way for being such an inspirational teacher!”

“I wanted to tell you your my hero and Inspiration.”

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